Think Beyond Medicine and Engineering - Earn $ 400 per Month and make your Career in the World of Blogging

Think Beyond Medicine and Engineering - Earn $ 400 per Month and make your Career in the World of Blogging 

What You Will Learn

 * How to create a blog over my shoulder step by step
 * How to set everything up including your own domain
 * The site will be mobile responsive, secure & automatically backed up
 * It will also be fully SEO optimised with social integration
 * You will also be able to add an email subscription opt in form
 * Get a domain name 
 * Optimise your blog for search engines
 * Utilise social media
 * Make a site that works on mobile
 * Ensure your site’s security and automatically back it up daily
 * Securing your site and setting-up automatic daily back-ups

Work Smarter Try harder

This doesn’t really flow or fit in with the post but it’s an important point so I’m making it. Blogging is simply all about working smarlty and innovative , creative and crazy thinking !! 

For anyone that has followed the blogs growth it is very easy to be dazzled with the illusion of the blogging lifestyle.

On the surface it appears that you can make a bunch of money, having a jolly time and fun at work  but that is not the reality.

Blogging requires physical and mental balance and an average working of 20-30 hours across 7 days.Just seem to get locked in and forget about the real world! But if you're enthusiatic and have flies in your belly to do something extra-ordinary and crazy , join our blogging classes and think beyond Medicine and  Engineering !!

So try innovation at everything and you may earn $50 - $ 60,000 every month .   

So now what’s stopping you from kickstarting your blogging career?

If you get stuck along the way and need any help just let us know!

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