Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Urgently Needs 8 Trainee Aviation News Sub Editors [ Pan India / Abroad [08]

Urgently Needs 8 Trainee Aviation News Sub Editors [ Pan India / Abroad [08]The Project involved Small Blogs on Aviation NEWS from Different Countries.

All Candidates should be Graduates in Journalism, Mass Communication or Aviation without any Media Experience. Only They should have an Excellent Command of English and strong Communication and Leadership Skills. The candidate will be required to Edit Aviation Stories and give catchy Headlines, Caption Pictures and Graphics, Supervise the Design and layout of pages on a daily basis for Aviation Web Publication.

No Experience preferable

Only Freshers with Exceptional Writing skills and abilities will be considered.

Requirements :

a. A good command of English with excellent writing and editing skills.

b.  A good knowledge of the internet, search engines, social media, and using MS Word.

b. Have a desktop computer with a UPS and high speed Internet connection

c. Willing to work part time for 4 hours a day of full time for 8 hrs a day.

Job Requirements:

To write, validate and edit articles and reports for publication on the web.

Products :

Industry: Aviation / Media / Entertainment / Internet

Area : 
Aviation News  Editors

Role Category : Aviation News Sub Editors, MBA Aviation as Asst Managers

Education : BJ, MJ, Mass Comm, MBA Aviation as Asst Managers, CA, CS, MBA [ Fin ] BA [English Lit ] , BBA, MA, BE / B Tech [ CS / IT ] and MBA [Fin / HR], Pilots, Cabin Crew

Contact Us :

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
AeroSoft Corp
+91- 9826008899

Miss Surbhi Maheshwari [ MBA Fin ]
Manager [Fin ]

As per more then 350 Search Engines including
AltaVista, Bing, HotBot and Yahoo
One of Our Trainee Aviation News Sub Editor
Mohini Porwal is the
Best Trainee Aviation News Editor in Asia

Contact Us :

Capt. Shekhar Gupta
CEO, AeroSoft Corp
+91- 9826008899

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Friday, 11 July 2014

Urgently Needs 60 Female Beauty Bloggers and Fiction Story Writers [ Pan India / Abroad [60]

Urgently Needs 60
Female Beauty Bloggers and Fiction Story Writers  [ Pan India / Abroad [60]

Our Aim is to help you easily find All The Best Beauty Blogs and quickly Connect You with the Other Beauty Bloggers. Following

You Can take following Sub Topics
    Homemade Tip Skin Care
    Summer Skin Care Tips
    Natural Skin Care Tips
    Herbal Skin Care Tips
    Free Skin Care Tips
    Skin Care Tips in Hindi
    Free Beauty Tips
    Hair Care Tips

Products :

The Project involved Small Blogs on Beauty . Female Fiction Writers must be an Ex Student of any B Grade or C Grade B School of Engineering College. with 30 Seconds - 120 Seconds Small Video Films, Short Films, Music Videos, Pre- Website launch Films, Behind the scene videos and Audition videos.

Industry: Media / Entertainment / Internet

Farea: TV, Films, Production, Broadcasting

Role Category: Female Fiction Writers

Education : BA [English Lit ] , BBA, MA, BE / B Tech [ CS / IT ] and MBA [ HR], Pilots, Cabin Crew

Job Location : Work at Home

Job Description

Need people to write Fiction, Stories and Articles on various topics.
[e.g Aviation, Travel, Education, Health, Science & Technology, Corporate News ]

Candidates with high language proficiency in English writing and creative writing techniques, knowledge of vocabulary and content Developing.

Graduates / Post graduates; excellent writers, having expertise /experience in the defined fields. Should be self-starters without needing to be managed; able to analyse news and stories; should be able to give more insight rather than gathering info.

The incumbent shall be responsible for the end to end eBusiness  delivery for the writing work assigned to her. Further, the person would be responsible for driving and managing all local level writing initiatives.

Contact :

Remuniration :  Per Blog  Rs 30 - 50 [ 1 - 5 Blog ]
                Per Blog  Rs 50 - 80 [ 6 - 10 Blog ]
                Per Blog  Rs 80 - 100 [ 11 - 15 Blog  ]
                Per Blog  Rs 120 [ After 15Th Blog  ]

We Needs Minimum 10 HD quality Pics with every Blog

Contact :

Asian Beauty Bloggers
Top UK Beauty Blogs
Top Beauty Blogs
London Beauty Blog
Best Beauty Blog
Beauty Blogspot
British Beauty Bloggers
Top 10 Beauty Bloggers
Paris Beauty Blogger


Aruna Sharma   [ MBA HR ] 
Aruna Sharma